Good Friday the day Christ was crucified:

Good Friday is also called “Holy Friday.” Good Friday is the Friday before the Easter Sunday. Christians celebrate it as the day when Christ was crucified. Although some study predicted as the day is not confirmed as to when Christ was crucified. Again, some study say should Christ crucifixion be celebrated as Good Friday or as a day of mourning.


Bible Instructions:


Bible does not emphasize on celebrating Christ crucifixion by selecting a specific day to honor his sacrifices and nobility. Bible does gives us a choice and freedom to choose weather we want to honor Christ on a certain day. Romans have a very deep message as to human physiology they say for some people a certain day to honor is more noble as to some people who think all days are same and sacrifices should be remembered more often. It’s the difference of mind sets and one should adapt to their physiology. Bible instructs that people should observe a fasting day. In which you have two small meals and one proper meal with no meat and no big celebration.


Significance of Good Friday:


Christ crucifixion was for a noble cause. But the treatment of Roman and Jewish towards Jesus was not commonable that one should call it a Good Friday but the sacrifices made by Christ must be appreciated. Christians believe it was God’s love and affection towards them while they were committing sins Christ died for them. Christ died to bring the people closer God path and creat harmony. His body might have died but his sole lived.


Churches have private ceremonies:


Churches celebrate Good Friday with a depressed service, mostly in the evening. Mostly the services include a hymn, prayers and a small message given by the head of the church on Jesus sacrifices and nobility. Christian pay respect to Christ they consider him a savior from the sins and the short coming they were committing. Even if one is not celebrating it, still it’s significance should not be forgotten or overlooked. Jesus died for his people and for righteousness. Each year Good Friday is on a different day depending upon the sighting the full moon.

How to Check for Mizoram Lottery Results Online?


Lottery is one of the most exciting and rewarding games that a person can ever play. It is exciting because you do not know if you will be the one to win the jackpot prize as well as some other consolation prizes. On the other hand, it is rewarding because the prizes for winning the lottery can be very grand and huge especially in terms of the amount of money you can win.

If you play lottery, particularly the Mizoram lottery, then you may be wondering how to check for the results online. Do not worry about this because this article will teach you exactly how to do that.

lottery results

To know the results for the Mizoram you just have to click on the following link: Mizoram today lottery result. This will take you to a web page about the lottery. You can check the latest lottery results on the today lottery results page. In order to prevent any confusion from happening, you should always keep your lottery ticket with you while checking for the results so that you will know if you have the winning numbers or not. In addition, while checking for the results, make sure to look for the time and date on your lottery ticket. You may be looking at a wrong lottery results.

You can also download the lottery results into your device. You may print screen or screen capture the results of the lottery. You can also download the results in a file that is in PDF of DBF format. In doing so, make sure that you have an application in your device that will allow you to view pdf and dbf files.

Good luck in your lottery games. A very big congratulation if you won! However, if you lose, do not be saddened. There are still a lot more opportunities to win. Just keep a positive outlook so that you will be able to win the next ones. Better luck next time.

What is the distinction between 1tb hard disk drive and crossbreed 500gb +8 gb sshd?


Practically as Marduk said. The SSD works as a cache of one of the most frequently utilized files on the hard disk drive portion, giving faster introducing of the system and also applications. If you are going to need greater than 500 gigs storage then obtain the 1tb, or else get the hybrid. Additionally, as Marduk claimed, constantly back up your important information. Must check solid state external hard drive 2tb otherwise You should CONSTANTLY have your crucial files copied to an other physical drive compared to you C drive, ideally on an outside HDD, a CD/DVD, a flash drive, another computer system (making use of networking) or a NAS gadget – a standalone HDD readily available to those on your network. You might attempt using cloud storage space however the upload speed of most solutions is such that copying large numbers of documents as much as the cloud will certainly take a loooong time.

Best external SSD

The crossbreed has an 8GB solid state drive on top of a routine 500 GB hard drive. It is much faster than the 1 TB drive as the 8GB SSD will buffer information and also is quicker than the mechanical drive. If you don’t expect to have more than 500 GB data then get the Hybrid. You must have your information backed up to outside drives anyway for security.


You must always have an SSD of at the very least 120GB of ability. With 8GB, you have the SSD drives as a cache drive.

See Valuable Use Of Garden Items Through Target Online Store


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Make it a habit to gain using discount on web meaning and web store realizations and buys which are reliant on the way you use your offers and purchase with discounts online. Seek with cut rate item accomplishments and be reliant when using coupons to access what you are convinced of using through web. Purchase hoses for your garden and make your garden look as evergreen as you want.

Attain with discount cut rate trades that are reasons to attain with discount coupon use is availed from a coupon website Make trades perfected with meant online convenience having wants you are concerned to use as you will always seek having web meaning as a requirement and trade with buys having reasons used.

Acquire with used discount aspects what is related to coupons such Target Coupons to make bets on the deals you will be confident to access having rate cutters having perfection and reasons to trade. Argue wanted differences that have recognition on the basis of different factors to make relevant deals which are proper and arguable methods to accrue from store.

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Some Tips and Tricks to Help You Prevent Plagiarism

Some Tips and Tricks to Help You Prevent Plagiarism

Plagiarism is not tolerated in the online world and the academic field. If you commit such an act, you will get penalized and receive serious punishments. Luckily for you, there are different methods that you can make use of in order to avoid committing it. This article will discuss to you some tips and tricks that will help you prevent committing plagiarism.Some Tips and Tricks to Help You Prevent Plagiarism

Make Use of the Different Styles of Citation

When borrowing information or ideas from other people, you should always make sure to always use a citation. Failure to do so mean you are committing plagiarism. Thus you should learn the different styles of citation like the APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, and Harvard styles of citation.

Always Avoid Using the Copy Paste Method

In all circumstances, make sure to not commit the copy and paste method because you will be committing direct plagiarism. Do not just entirely copy some sentences, phrases, or paragraphs from other written pieces. If you want to do so, make sure to enclose them in double quotation marks after which you should cite the source.

Make Use of an Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

Another effective strategy to avoid committing plagiarism is by using an online plagiarism checker tool. With this tool, you can check if your paper has copied contents from the web. A recommended tool that should be used by you is the free online plagiarism checker with percentage. This tool can even tell you the percentage of plagiarised contents in a paper.

Respect the Ideas of Your Colleagues

When it comes to writing papers with your colleagues, always keep in mind to respect their ideas. This will prevent you from intentionally copying their written works. If you are a student, resist the temptation of copying the papers of your classmates.

Distinguish Borrowed Idea from Your Own Original Ideas

Accidental plagiarism can be committed when you do not know that you are committing plagiarism. You are prone to this kind of plagiarism if you do not know how to distinguish your own original ideas from those of other authors. Thus, you must learn to segregate these two kinds of ideas.

Widen Your Learnings

Another very effective strategy to avoid committing plagiarism is to widen your knowledge about things so that you will not be tempted to copy details from the internet or any other written work. You can widen your knowledge by reading books, encyclopaedias, magazines, and other sources of knowledge.

Photography Composition rules which will explain what is going on in Brandon’s head while shooting?


In the advanced world, when our cameras do a large portion of our work running from centering to screen speed and opening width. More often than not, these elements are set to programmed mode which helps the apprentices, yet in the event that you are wanting to have some name of yourself in this world. You ought to know the piece of the photo. Subsequent to taking the photo, amid the altering stage, we imagine this ought to be the limit of the photo and this shading ought to be lit up and so on and so forth. On the off chance that the photos being taken is of the mobile question then you have the freedom to change their position so to have a superior created picture, however in the event that you are envisioning an enduring article, then you ought to realize what part of the photo ought to come in the photo and which ought not be incorporated, by either moving yourself or organizing your view focuses to have the subject in the correct place in the edge. Photography creation is the real piece of photography 101.

This article has a portion of the essential principles of piece which are for your help for the most part. They will help you make the photo betterly than you would. In any case, regrets are made to be down and out, once you become more acquainted with the standards or either learn them, you can break them since they are to be broken, yet recollect that one thing that you ought to know why are you softening them and up what way it will help you for a superior created Portrait Photography.

The Most vital; Rule of thirds:

This lead is normally adored by the picture takers who are enamored with imagining scenes or the unstoppable force of life. They express that as opposed to putting the subject in the focal point of the edge, which can exhaust a large portion of the circumstances, you put the question at the crossing point of the thirds. By thirds, I imply that you isolate the casing into three sections in flat way and vertical way, which will give you nine rectangular parts. Attempt to put the protest either 66% in the upper part in vertical way and 33% in the flat way or 66% in level way and 33% in vertical way. This will expel the exhausting component from the photo and change up the photo, which, let me simply express, that you needed for ever. Likewise there is another tip for this, you can put your protest on the askew of the edge which will upgrade the photo arrangement and add more dynamic component to your photo.


The trimming part is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the photo altering stage, since you choose which part ought to be in the photo and what ought not be. This precarious stage can be kept away from in the event that you fare thee well while squeezing the screen catch on your camera. Investigate the concentration focuses and the view discoverer limit and choose which part you should incorporate into the photo and so forth. Make your brain up that what part of the foundation ought to be in the casing and what not or the entire foundation should be in the photo? The slip-up which a decent number of individuals made is that they incorporate A LOT of the foundation. What’s more, by A LOT, I imply that the subject just appears as though there’s some snowman in the middle. This makes a feeling that the subject is shorter and fat. Attempt to incorporate the subject when you are envisioning somebody. For example, If you picture a mother grasping her infant, do exclude the half of the house and the minor houses at the backside of the photo. Rather, zoom in on the mother and the infant and concentrate on them. While taking representations, countless utilize the scene mode and this implies they don’t turn their camera in any case, and the foundation is too enormous to de-amplify the subject. Indeed, even in scene mode, you will find that occasionally zoomed in and longitudinal pictures are path superior to anything latitudinal pictures.

Likewise, in the event that you feel that you will alter this a while later, you simply don’t depend on this. Since, along these lines you will parcel more than what you need to expel. Furthermore, this is the nature of the photo. Editing programming projects lessen the photo size and this thusly evacuates the pixels in the photo, which is justifiable, yet you will likewise lose the nature of the photo. Furthermore, this is somewhat misuse of cash. What is the additional preferred standpoint of owning a DSLR camera in the event that you don’t need it to work completely.


The most critical part of the photo sythesis is the edge, from which you take pictures. This can likewise help you in the govern of thirds. The vast majority of the novices don’t stress over the edge. This is not going to help you regardless. For instance when you take a photo of gathering of companions or family picture, you don’t move an excessive amount to change the edge, since you think they will taunt you that you are not a professional so don’t try conforming edges. Yet, this isn’t right. It is possible that, you ought to move or modify the subject with the goal that you have the most extreme introduction and white adjust in the photo. Altering the edge can include more flow into the single picture. Changing the edge can likewise add excellence to the subject. For example taking picture from the base you make individuals look like bratz toons i.e. head is greater and legs are shorter.

These are the straightforward tips you ought to ace to have a superior created pictures. You ought to first take in every one of these procedures and afterward you ought to make your own particular principles and norms for better pictures.


Towering Praline carrot cake recipe directions and ingredients


Towering Praline carrot cake formula:

Today I will share the formula of simple towering praline carrot cake with you, its is anything but difficult to make. Simply take after the progression underneath.


3 mugs cut carrots

2 3/4 mugs granulated sugar

3 mugs universally handy flour

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, partitioned

1/2 teaspoons preparing powder

1/2 teaspoon preparing pop

1 teaspoon salt

1/3 mugs vegetable oil

6 eggs

1 (8 ounce) can pulverized pineapple, depleted

1 tablespoon vanilla concentrate

1 container slashed pecans

1/2 container chipped coconut

2 formulas Cream Cheese icing

1 formula Praline Sauce


How Many Ounces In A Cup

9 x 1/2-inch round preparing skillet; put aside.

In a secured medium pan cook carrots in a direct measure of bubbling water around 20 minutes or until exceptionally delicate. Deplete. Cool carrots marginally; coarsely squash with a potato masher.

In a vast bowl mix together flour, sugar, cinnamon, heating powder, preparing pop and salt. Make a well in focal point of flour blend. Include vegetable oil, eggs, pineapple, and vanilla concentrate. Beat with an electric blender on low speed until all fixings are joined. Overlay in crushed carrots, pecans and coconut. Spread player equally in arranged container. Heat in a 350 degree F broiler 35 to 40 minutes or until a wooden choose in focuses tells the truth. Cool in container on wire racks 10 minutes.

Expel from dish; cool totally on racks. While layers are cooling, get ready Cream Cheese Frosting.

To gather, put one cake layer, best side up, on a cake plate. Utilizing around 1 measure of the icing, pipe or spoon an edge around 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch high around external edge of layer. Spoon around 2 tablespoons icing into focus, leaving an unfrosted ring. Spread about portion of the Praline Sauce into the unfrosted ring (sauce won’t fill ring). Include second cake, beat side up; rehash icing and filling steps utilizing another 1 measure of the icing and remaining Praline Sauce.

Include third cake layer, beat side up. Ice top and favor remaining icing. On the off chance that coveted, decorate with extra hacked pecans. Cover; store in icebox.

To Serve:

Give refrigerated cake a chance to stand, secured, at room temperature for 30 minutes. (Alternately defrost solidified cake, secured, in fridge overnight. Let remain at room temperature for 30 minutes.) If coveted, embellish with extra slashed pecans.

Praline Sauce:

3 tablespoons margarine

3 tablespoons cocoa sugar

2 tablespoons whipping cream

1 teaspoon vanilla concentrate

In little pan liquefy spread over medium warmth. Blend in cocoa sugar and whipping cream. Convey to full bubble, mixing continually; decrease warm. Bubble delicately 3 minutes, blending every so often. Mix in vanilla concentrate. Cool.

Cream Cheese Frosting:

1 (16 ounce) box confectioners’ sugar, filtered

1/2 container (1 stick) spread

8 ounces cream cheddar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla concentrate

1 container hacked pecans

Cream spread and sugar until cushioned. Include cream cheddar and vanilla concentrate. Beat until fleecy. Mix in slashed pecans. Utilize pecan parts for embellishment if craved. Presently towering praline carrot cake is prepared to serve.Enjoy!

Things to Do Before and After Installing a Custom ROM

Installing a Custom ROM

Android being an Open Source operating system for mobile phones, offers limitless possibilities of optimization and customization as per your requirements. Half the charm of an Android phone lies in the root-based apps, beautiful mods and patches, and custom ROMs. If you have not rooted your phone yet, believe me you are not getting the most out of it. Rooting offers many advantages indeed but, at the same time it is also a little risky as it breaks into the wall of security build by the operating system.

According to a survey, 80% of Android phone users live happy with an uprooted device and the reasons for this are various- some people think of it as a sort of criminal activity, some are afraid of losing warranty, some are afraid of bricking their phone, while most people do not even know about the existence of a term like “rooting”. If you are one who has enclosed himself in side that great wall of security and have doubt in mind related to rooting, do not forget to read the following article:

Anyways, the procedures like rooting and installing a custom ROM is a bit risky and it’s true, but if you go through it carefully, no harm will ever done to your Android device. People brick their phone because they make some mistake. That’s the way accidents happen! As an Android blogger, I have to root, flash stock and custom ROMs, install mods and patches almost everyday. And believe me all my device are pretty healthy and sound. If you understand things, take precautions, create backups and do things carefully, you’ll never be caught into an uncomfortable situation.

Here are a few tips that that will help you keep things under your control and you will be able to not only keep all your data safe, but also restore your device to its normal condition.

Got TWRP Recovery on Your Device?

Whenever you have to install a custom ROM or mod or mod on your phone, try to be ready for the worst situations. Just imagine you are installing a ROM and your phones turns off in the middle of things due to low battery! You will have to charge the battery with an external charger because your device will not be able to charge the battery because it does not have any ROM that makes this function work. In such a situation, you will not be able to restart the procedure or even restore from a backup Therefore, it very important that your phone is amply charged before you set out on the adventure.Backup Your Apps, Contacts, Messages, etc.

Whether you have rooted your phone or not, always backup your apps, contacts, call-log, messages, bookmarks, calendar entries, etc. The best way is to schedule regular backups, preferably to external storage of your device and your computer. There are some nice apps on google play.

Enable USB Debugging Mode

The term “debugging” is used in connection with development. Putting your Android device in debugging mode prepares it for direct connection with your computer via a USB cable without notification or read log data. Flashing/installing anything that does not come under official method, might be regarded as a development activity. It’s another thing that you did not developed the ROM you are going to install, but still it is a work of custom development.

That’s is why, whenever you perform any such task, it is highly recommended that you turn on the USB Debugging mode from Developer Options under Settings of your device. On Android phones with Jelly Bean 4.2 and higher, the Developer Options are hidden by default and can be made to show by tapping 7 times on “Build Version” from Settings> About.

Further, you should also install the appropriate USB Drivers on your computer as you can need them anytime.Backup Your Phone’s IMEI (Samsung Users Only)

When you install a custom ROM on you phone, sometimes it happens that the folder that stores your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is wiped. As a result, your phone’s IMEI number is lost it does not receive network signal. To avoid this happen to your phone, do not forget to backup the “efs” partition.

Enter Recovery Mode Easily:

If you are a hard-core Android enthusiast who likes to play with new ROMs and mods every now and then, be careful or you might damage the hardware keys of your Android phone. Since booting into recovery mode of a phone or tablet requires hard-pressing of certain combination of hardware keys, doing it frequently can have a negative effect on the functioning of these keys. I have experience it myself when I had a Galaxy S. Fortunately, there are several apps that can make booting into download, boot-loader or recovery mode very easy without being cruel to the poor hardware keys.

If you have installed a custom ROM, you need not install any such app separately as most ROM developers integrate the boot options in the ROM itself. Besides, we have an vast collection of methods of entering Fast-boot, Boot-loader, Download and Recovery modes on most Android devices.Backup Current ROM (Important)

Being able to install a custom ROM on your Android phone means that you have installed custom recovery like Clockwork Mod or TWRP on your Android device. Well, having a custom recovery on any phone is a great advantage. It can perform all tasks done by stock recovery while adding lots of other useful options.

One such great feature is its ability to backup the whole ROM, custom or stock, on your phone’s internal or external storage. You can back as many ROMs as your phone’s storage can afford. I strongly recommend that you always keep a backup of your phone’s original/stock ROM. Before you install a new custom ROM, always create a backup of your current ROM. Scroll down to the “backup and restore” option and backup the ROM to the internal or external storage of you device. If you select “backup”, the ROM will be saved to internal storage. To save it to external SD card, select “backup to external sdcard” option.

All backed up ROMs are saved on a folder called “clockworkmod” on your device’s internal or external SD card, depending on what location you chose while creating the backup.

It’s is always better to store the backed up ROM on the external storage because sometimes the phone is caught in a bootloop, or the screen goes into a frozen state, or you may experience lags, or anything, and decide to reset/wipe your phone to get it back to normal. In doing so, all data stored on the internal storage is deleted. In certain situations you might have the opportunity to backup your data but in some cases you might not be able to do that.

How to Restore a Previously Backed up ROM:

As I said earlier, you should always keep a backed up copy of the rooted stock ROM on the external SD card of your phone. If the phone does not have an external SD slot, you can save the backup to the internal SD card (not safe though). If you frequently flash an AOSP, AOKP or CM based ROM, always keep a copy of the Google Apps flashable zip saved on your phone.

So if you installed a custom ROM and you are having problems with it or you just want to go back to the previous or any backed up ROM, do this:

Boot you phone into CWM recovery mode“wipe data/factory reset”“wipe cache partition”

Then go to “backup and restore> restore”, select the location (internal or external) of the backup.

Select the file and confirm your choice by selecting “yes”.

So, this was a detailed tutorial to help you land safely whenever you install a ROM. I have tried to be inclusive but if feel that something is missing, do not forget to share with us via comments. I believe the tips given here will prove useful to you.

Retrica for Android – Best Photo Application

Retrica for Android

There surely are a huge number of apps putting funky retro filters on your photos, but must of them focus on editing after the photo is taken, rather than doing it on the fly. Retrica is a camera app best known for the wide range of neat and artistic filters that are applied live as you take photos, and lets you easily share them anywhere afterwords.

By having this particular feature Retrica offers the user a whole new dynamic of photo shooting by instantly changing filters, rather than laboring tweaks later. For a lot of people this is a more fun and spontaneous experience. Read this review of Retrica, another nice choice in a market full of camera apps.

Retrica is a simple app with an easy to learn interface. The interface itself is composed by a shutter key on the bottom, accompanied with some quick settings buttons to add vignetting, a shallow depth of field effect, simple border and timer. The aspect ratio is also manually changeable between 3:4 and 1:1, along with the option to use a multi-panel effect that captures photos on a custom interval and stitches them into a collage.

The most intimidating thing about Retrica is obviously the pile of filters it offers, accessible in the bottom right corner of the interface. You can either select the filter manually, or a random button can do it for you. Filters are grouped in categories like “elegant”, “chic” and “retro”, with each of them containing a number of different filter looks. You can tap them to instantly see how it looks before you tap the shutter button. Another option available is to change the intensity by using a slider along the bottom.

And that’s about it. The fact that you get a live preview of what your picture will look like in the viewfinder is the real draw here, and it’s an important one. I never noticed any slowdowns while the filters were being shown, which would be a deal breaker, and pictures turned out just as they looked before I hit the shutter key.

When a photo is taken it will take some seconds to process the image and than you can directly view it in the gallery portion of the app, which in fact is a very simple one. You can’t delete or share multiple images. There is no option of post-precessing and you can only share or delete the photo after you tap the shutter button. Of course you can share it out to another photo app to edit it further, but this is not very user friendly.

Considering how thick the filters are laid by default and the fact that you have to think about the composition since the beginning, it doesn’t need much of an effort to work out a nice looking photo. We should be glad the developers stuck to their guns and kept things simple, since from my experience I didn’t need to further edit the photos coming out of Retrica.

Another easy to do thing is turning off geo tagging of photos and the watermarking of pictures with a “Retrica” logo in the bottom right corner. A funny thing about Retrica is the pro version which except additional filters, comes “free of ads”, while in fact I have never seen ads in my time using the app. If you plan in using Retrica for a considerable amount of time, I believe the price of $1.99 for the one-time payment “Pro Upgrade” is a reasonable price.

The casual mobile photographers will find Retrica exciting for the variety of filters and the occasional spontaneous collage, but the more “serious” photographers will find it lacking compared to the apps they are used to using. Of course Retrica is not the only camera app that can add live filters out there, but it sure is one of the few that is well know for the quality it serves and keeping the photo exactly as it looks before you tap the shutter button.

As I have earlier said, not everybody will like and be fond of Retrica, but considering the fact it is free to use, I would encourage everyone to give it a try and see if they can find the photography style that suits them best.

Newest Androids Will Join iPhones in Offering Default Encryption

android encryption

Default encryption is no longer the preserve of only iPhones. Google will join Apple in offering this technology in its new Android phones running on Android L. This feature will provide the much needed extra layer of protection consumers have wanted for some time now.

This development is good news for Android users who got concerned after they read about some of the apps on the Android system being prone to hacking and compromise of data security.

Android Always Had Encryption:

It is interesting to note that Android has been offering optional encryption on some of its devices released in 2011 but most users are not aware of this feature and have not turned it on. Google perhaps did a poor job educating consumers about this facility and now hopes to redress it by ensuring encryption happen automatically. The user does not have to activate it. Thanks to this, only somebody who knows the password can gain access to the data, videos, pictures and messages that have been stored in these phones.

Through this move, Google has ensured its phones will have the same level of security as Apple phones. Now thanks to this encryption security layer, even law enforcement would not be able to gather evidence stored in these phones, despite having a legal search warrant for it.

Law Enforcement Officials Peeved:

This encryption feature has however not impressed law enforcement officials who are peeved at it, saying it will make their task all the more difficult in solving crimes quickly. Now even with a search warrant, they would not be able to gain access to the data in a phone. Users and advocates of consumer privacy are happy this feature is now an automatic one with Android phones.

Those in favor of this encryption say that consumer privacy is of utmost importance and this will benefit the majority of users who are law abiding. This development should not be seen as retrograde only from the perspective of law enforcement and they would have to find other ways of data retrieval.

Google Can Now Claim Android Is Safe:

Until now, only Apple could claim its iphones were absolutely safe and secure. Now that Google has introduced this feature, the already competitive smart phone market will witness tougher competition and Microsoft too will have to do something similar if its Windows phones have to compete with these two majors.

There are still some differences though in the manner such encryption would be handled by Google and Apple. While Apple has total control over the hardware as well as the software for all its devices and would therefore be able to upgrade its older gadgets quickly, Google would have to depend on its OEMs to ensure quick distribution and upgrade of the Android L on its devices still running on older Android versions.

By the looks of it, Google would have to wait for a much longer time to ensure all its devices are encrypted and that gives Apple some more time to tout its security feature.