Good Friday the day Christ was crucified:

Good Friday is also called “Holy Friday.” Good Friday is the Friday before the Easter Sunday. Christians celebrate it as the day when Christ was crucified. Although some study predicted as the day is not confirmed as to when Christ was crucified. Again, some study say should Christ crucifixion be celebrated as Good Friday or as a day of mourning.


Bible Instructions:


Bible does not emphasize on celebrating Christ crucifixion by selecting a specific day to honor his sacrifices and nobility. Bible does gives us a choice and freedom to choose weather we want to honor Christ on a certain day. Romans have a very deep message as to human physiology they say for some people a certain day to honor is more noble as to some people who think all days are same and sacrifices should be remembered more often. It’s the difference of mind sets and one should adapt to their physiology. Bible instructs that people should observe a fasting day. In which you have two small meals and one proper meal with no meat and no big celebration.


Significance of Good Friday:


Christ crucifixion was for a noble cause. But the treatment of Roman and Jewish towards Jesus was not commonable that one should call it a Good Friday but the sacrifices made by Christ must be appreciated. Christians believe it was God’s love and affection towards them while they were committing sins Christ died for them. Christ died to bring the people closer God path and creat harmony. His body might have died but his sole lived.


Churches have private ceremonies:


Churches celebrate Good Friday with a depressed service, mostly in the evening. Mostly the services include a hymn, prayers and a small message given by the head of the church on Jesus sacrifices and nobility. Christian pay respect to Christ they consider him a savior from the sins and the short coming they were committing. Even if one is not celebrating it, still it’s significance should not be forgotten or overlooked. Jesus died for his people and for righteousness. Each year Good Friday is on a different day depending upon the sighting the full moon.